Writing Your Way Home

Writing Your Way Home

A workshop about telling yourself the story of your own life

Next session starts December 20, 2017

Wednesdays 1:30 – 3pm Eastern


You are the author of the story of your life. Over the course of this workshop, you will be invited, nudged, encouraged and cajoled to write about your life as if it were the epic story of a  ‘hero’s journey’ as you develop a writing practice. Along the way, you’ll explore and tweak your creative process, bring all of who you are to your communications with other people, and gain a magical tool for converting whatever life gives you into fuel for the journey to come.  Conversations held on the 6 dates below; the writing room will be open at regular meeting times for Shut Up And Write practice through March 21 BUT we’ll take 2 weeks off (the last week of the year and the first week of the year) and take rest the last week of each month (for turning inward and integration).

Dec 20  | The hero and the magical tool

The arc of the hero story humans have been telling themselves for thousands of years, and how your life strangely resembles it, too.

Jan 10   | Analogue human in a digital world

Pen and paper versus typing. Deciding where your stories get told. Legal pads, sketch books, and journals, oh my!

Jan 17    | Public, private, secret, holy, & burned

Writing to yourself, other people, god or the fire.

Jan 24   | Characters, costumes, & funny objects

Letting yourself be someone else so you can bring all of who you are to the party.

Feb 7      | Body as writing instrument

Not writing as an act of writing. Moving as a tool for finding your words.

Feb 14    | Third, fourth and fifth places

Carving out creative space in the modern world. Picking your spots and deciding when to go.

On conversation days, I’ll teach for 20 minutes, answer questions for 30, and then we’ll all Shut Up And Write together for 40.

Open to the public (not just business owners).

Cost: $1,200 (feel free spread out your payments over 3 months)

Email stella@stellaorange.com with questions and to register.

Note: This workshop will be taught by Stephanie Saline, who has spent the last 9 years writing marketing and building a popular copywriting business under the nom de plume Stella Orange. Steph has been writing letters, plays and journals for the past 28 years. If there’s one thing she’s fantastic at, it’s writing as a practice that brings you home to your ‘one true spot’ in this life.