She gets a ton done in a short time, the proverbial bang for your buck!

Working with Stella was much more than great, creative messaging- it gave me the opportunity to really stay true to who I am. Who I am is out of the traditional box, and Stella not only encouraged me, listened to me, but was adamant that I show myself, rather than hide under “socially acceptable” BS that no one is really interested in hearing- if they are than they are not my ideal client anyway.

I smile when I read my copy- my shackles are off and the feedback of my new program names and site have been great. I love working with Stella- she makes the daunting fun and healing.

-Ellen Sichel | Custom Calm | http://customcalm.com/

Stella, I’m getting it! This is where you want us to go. To write from the heart, where it comes out naturally and we’re not fussing over each word.

-Karen | Wings of the Sun

Thanks to Stella, I just wrote a free gift that sounds like me. It could have been called Overcome Emotional Eating, but instead I called it If You Eat Your Feelings, You’ll Just Burp Them Up Later. And yes, my ideal client as a sense of humor!

-Barb | Cake Is Magical Wellness

Stella gave me a stronger sense of how what I am writing will be received by my people. I didn’t even believe it was possible to have copy that was so clear (and that’s actually helped me develop my content + curriculum too)!

-Summer | Guts & Glory

I signed 4 new clients off an email campaign that Stella taught me to write. 4 new clients = $4000+. The results had so much impact that I actually had to put a few people on a waiting list!

-Laurie | Nurse Practitioner and ADHD Specialist

Stella wrote up case studies for my business that helped me sign a $18,000 contract with a client I’d been following up with for several months!

-Jo | Success Reboot

Stella taught me how to write in a way that resonates. As a result, without even trying, my newsletter mailing list has grown to 500 people!

-Christy | The Alchemist’s Heart!

Stella helped me write promo emails and a sales page. As a result, I got 12 people in my program, earning $24,000 because of our work together. I’d never done that before!

-Robin | Women Behaving Wealthy

Because what Stella taught me helped me create a website that feels like me, I finally have a website that I’m so excited about I could pop!

-Brenda | Blue Chair Wisdom

Here is my Sh*tty First Draft of my homepage. Done in less than an hour after our time together, versus the two years it’s been on my To Do list!

-Mary | Your Brilliant You

Learning how to write for sales was easily the most lucrative thing I have done for my business. The first time I worked with Stella, I enjoyed my first ever five-figure launch! Best investment I’ve ever made.

-Amy | Live Brazen

Thank you Stella for the kick-in-the-pants/hug combo that you gave me in my intensive – I wouldn’t have had the guts to do this if it weren’t for you!

-Monica | Profit for Fit Pros

I just booked my first client from my signature talk for a 3 month program! Thank you Stella for all your help with writing, attitude and approach. I felt easy and prepared during the sales conversation at last. And… it worked!

-Lauren | Happy Parent, Happy Child

Over the last 11 years in business, I’ve been in many copywriting courses and Stella’s has been hands down the most practical, well-taught and useful one – I’ve revamped my website, written and videotaped my video training series, written a series of emails to support it, and have a slew of newsletter ideas!

-Tami | Tami Gulland Business Coaching

I’ve written more in the past week than I have in probably the last year of my business. All thanks to Stella!

-Jamie | ZenPlicity Now

I enjoyed your workshop so much that when I attend again I’ll be buying two tickets: one for me and another for one of my clients. It’s that good!

-Mark | Budget Nerd

My revenue has increased by a factor of 10, in large part because Stella helped me put words to what I do.

-Ina | Intuitive Alchemy

After taking Stella’s writing class, I was able to easily put together a website that I love and truly reflects what I offer my clients!

-Connie | Connie Haley Life Coaching

My client used the web copy I completed in Stella’s class and in just a week there is more traffic on the site AND new clients! Also, her literary agent said that the ABOUT page feels so relatable!

-Marissa | Write Your Talk

Because of Stella, I tweaked my message to speak to women who READY to make a change, not focusing on women who are caught in overwhelm. I took on two new coaching clients this week. They’re both women who “speak the language of challenge,” and not the language of overwhelm. Thank you!

-Beth | Creative Revelations

The writing work I’ve done with Stella is helping me get so much clearer about what I’m up to. Write it. Practice saying it a few times. Present it. And BOOM. It feels natural and grounded!

-Katie | Katie Bagby Coaching

Stella’s lab gave me the structure and accountability to get things done. Her training materials with templates and examples are priceless!

-Donna | Park Places

Stella helped me write a telesummit campaign that grew my list by 1000 new opt-ins.  Even better, I now consistently using my voice in my newsletter I have a consistent open rate of 25% and a 10% click rate.

-Sonaya | The Sonaya Williams Group

Using Stella’s method, I cut my newsletter writing time in half! Her workshops are fabulous as well as fun.

-Pat | Counseling and Neurofeedback

I just posted my new copy on my website! It feels AMAZING! The more I write, the clearer I get (particularly on results) and the easier it is to talk about with real humans. Thank you, Stella!

-Rebecca | Vivace Financial

My patients, friends and colleagues have commented that my writing is professional, as well as educational yet edgy and fun. Stella taught me how to capture my personality, my education and my heart and put it to paper…. for millions of readers now!

-Dr. Lana | Inspired by Wellness

Stella taught me to let my own voice out in my writing. As a result, I just did my first teleseminar – and 316 people signed up. I’m flooded with emails of people wanting the recording. And I booked 24 initial sessions in 2 weeks, just from this call!

-Evan | Center Institute

Stella teaches a meta skill – how to write copy – that I’ll use again and again in my business.

-Theresa Trosky | Home for Wayward Women

I told Stella that I can’t write and she told me yes, you can. This completely changed my world. My inner voice now says, “You’re a writer! So shut up and write.” Projects that normally took days to draft, I’m now able to spit out in an hour!

-Chandra Scott

Stella gave me permission to just be myself and let any edgy personality come right on through in my writing.

-Jess | Cake to Kale

Stella gave me templates, tools, and a process for crafting my message and my programs. And thanks to her kooky sense of humor, off the charts creativity, and no nonsense instruction, you actually made writing fun!

-Ann | The Healthy Lush