Writing Your Way Home

Become the hero of your own life

Spring Session: March 21 – June 20, 2018
Theme: Desire as Fuel

Wednesdays 1:30 – 3:00 pm Eastern

Your life is one big story about a hero on a quest. In this workshop, this is where we begin — with the idea that every challenge, setback, unknown or sensation of being adrift, unsure, or lost is actually part of a larger story where you always find your way.

In 6 sessions, you will meet the ‘hero story’ and get invited to notice where it appears in your life. But don’t let that intimidate you! I’ll give you plenty of tools and different ‘ways in’. You’ll be invited to take what works for you, make it your own, and toss the rest.

On this journey, we’ll use the ‘magical tool’ of writing as a personal practice for reflection, insight, and self-mastery.

Writing Your Way Home runs like a dojo, where people of varying skill and training come together to practice and learn from one another. While there are different levels of comfort with writing and having a personal practice, and different reasons for being in this workshop, we all share a common commitment to show up, explore, and practice together.

Group sessions held on the 6 dates below. I’ll teach for 20 minutes, answer questions for 30, and then we’ll all Shut Up And Write together for 40. Limit 12 people, so we get to know one another. After the classes are over, your cohort will decide as a group whether to keep meeting at regular meeting times for Show Up And Write practice through June 20 (I’ll happily be there with you). Your workshop also includes a private Facebook group and weekly writing prompts.

Mar 21  | The hero and the magical tool

The arc of the ‘hero story’ humans have been telling themselves for thousands of years and locating YOURSELF on its route.

Apr 4   | Analogue human in a digital world

Pen and paper versus typing. Deciding where your stories get told. Legal pads, sketch books, and journals, oh my!

Apr 11 | Public, private, secret, holy, & burned

Writing to yourself, other people, god or the fire.

Apr 18  | Characters, costumes, & funny objects

Letting yourself be someone else so you can bring all of who you are to the party.

May 2   | Body as writing instrument

Not writing as an act of writing. Moving as a tool for finding your words.

May 9  | Third, fourth, & fifth places

Carving out creative space in the modern world. Picking your spots and deciding when to go.

Why those who have gone before you did this workshop:

  • Coming out of a crazy hard two years and wanted to make sense of it all
  • High powered corporate attorney retired early and is considering what’s next
  • 68 year old looking for clues on what she wants to be when she grows up
  • Successful executive coach who’s written two books wants to refine his personal practice
  • Nurse and entrepreneur who’s been writing publicly for years now wants to focus on her personal writing
  • Public figure knows she wants to be more vulnerable and raw in her writing — but how?

What sorts of things get made in here?

Remember, no one ever has to see any of the writing you do in Writing Your Way Home. It is secret writing — just for you — and you can even burn it if you want. That said, we talk about different ways you can access insight and wisdom using writing and your imagination:

  • Wrote a dialogue with her grandma who died 30 years ago, getting advice
  • Realization that practicing martial arts has replaced writing as a personal wisdom practice
  • Letter to her 68-year-old body, that went in an unexpected direction
  • Recognition of where she’s at on her hero’s journey — so it feels less dark, because she knows how the story goes
  • Realization that her formal education bled the color and juice out of her writing and confined her imagination
  • New method of ‘idea catching’
  • All sorts of ways of getting started, not hating writing, getting over the feeling that writing to yourself is juvenile or that you have nothing ‘good’ to say


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Option #2 — 3 payments of $400 USD, charged 30 days apart


You will receive an email from our client concierge within two business days, if you have any questions about your upcoming session, please reach out to us at concierge@stellaorange.com