High five! You made it!

From here, all adventures start at the same spot:

You are a hero and your life is one big story that you get to write.

Now, tell me, what conversation are you here for?

  • How do I shape my marketing message so it resonates with better clients?
  • How do I build a profitable business that is an authentic expression of Who I Am and What I’m Here For?
  • What do you mean, I’m a hero?

Door #1 – Let’s refine your marketing message

When you need to communicate to other people using words — and come on, who doesn’t?! —  I can help. I’ve worked with hundreds of coaches, healers, and consultants, helping them find clear, human language that conveys what’s fresh and useful about what they do. Check out the 2018 New Marketing Workshops, presented by Orange, Liston, & Dew.




Door #2 – Let’s build your business

Since 2009, I’ve been a copywriter and marketing message teacher. But the truth is, words alone are only one ingredient to building a profitable, sustainable business that gives you life as it serves others. The other two ingredients? Vision and action. So I do my marketing message and word work in cahoots with a visionary business advisor and a master of turning ideas into clear, doable action steps. You can see the three of us in action at our monthly Coffee Talk or at our weekly Beaver Lodge Live broadcast.




Door #3 – Let’s find your hero story

For the past 20 years, I’ve told myself this one story: The hero leaves her couch of comfort, is called to more, resists that call, crosses the threshold, is given a magical tool, meets allies and frenemies on the road of tests and trials, spends time in the belly of the beast, thinks all is lost and she’s never going to make it, and then? Whammo — she NAILS it and is victorious – but she had to change in some fundamental way. The change is some wisdom that the neighbors will never get, because they stayed home. The hero always returns home to share the wisdom and help others.  Turns out, this is a really useful story to tell yourself. Find out what your hero story is — and make up how you want it to go — with me in Writing Your Way Home.




Contact me for speaking, interviews, or to talk hero story & writing practice

I speak on two topics — how to write fresh marketing that resonates with the right folks and how to become the hero of your own story with a writing practice (that no one else ever needs to read). Whether you run a coaching school, marketing shop or conference or want to collaborate on a project . . .

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