Business Building with Orange, Liston, & Dew

Let’s build your business differently – together

It turns out that you and I are on a hero’s journey as we build our businesses, too. We need to leave what’s familiar, cross the threshold, be tested, face down the stuff that scares us, stay the course and allow ourselves to be transformed by the whole experience.

Thankfully, every hero has allies she meets along the way. Could we be three of them?

Meet Orange, Liston, & Dew — a three-way collaboration to build your business in this New Paradigm.

45 Day Vision & Master Plan

Every Orange, Liston, & Dew client starts with this 45 day experience, where we (Stella Orange, Rebecca Liston, and Sarah Dew) work to clarify your vision for the next stretch of road in your business (most plans articulate a vision for anywhere from 2 to 10 years) and prepare a fully customized road map, split into two parts: Vision and Master Plan. Your Vision is a one page clear distillation of where you are headed, presented in a way that you can not only see, but almost taste. Your Master Plan includes things like  key deliverables, marketing message, marketing activities to do (and to stop doing), the pivot in WHO you serve, important decisions, marketing Dos and Don’ts , and major themes or stories that must be handled so you move forward. Business owners have collaborated with us to accomplish things like:

  • Choose to specialize in one area of competence and develop a five year vision with key benchmarks, including a new package, pricing, and simplified marketing plan
  • Clarify the vision for what this multi-million dollar business founder’s new business is, including her packages, marketing plan, and which marketing channels to step away from (because her high-end clients aren’t there)
  • Decide whether to buy a second business on the other side of the country, broaden her current social media consultancy’s scope, or successfully blend  both
  • Map out an exit strategy from coaching in other people’s coaching businesses in order to build her own audience, launch her app, and eventually buy herself out of her day job
  • Let go of all the things she ‘could’ do to and map out the plan for building her ‘highest and best’ business

The 45 Day Vision & Master Plan typically runs 45 days, and includes 3 meetings with all three of us, plus work we do on your behalf to clarify your vision and craft your Master Plan. We are connected and chatting with you on Slack the whole time. What makes this way of working different is that you get three of us, working in concert to support and collaborate with you as you clarify your vision for the next phase of building your business.

The second thing that is unusual is that we center you as the leader of your business (the idea that you must contort or squeeze yourself into someone else’s idea of what your business *should* look like, or what you *should* do to be successful is, frankly, stupid. You’re the boss. Your business revolves around what YOU want to create, experience, and say to the world.)

The third thing that makes this a real winner is that we are ushering in a new paradigm of business building – which call, tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek, Castor Mundi (That’s Latin for ‘beaver world.’ Yes, we know what ‘beaver’ is slang for. If you don’t find that funny, we definitely aren’t for you.) This new paradigm is about collaboration, asking questions like ‘what would be fun for me?‘ and ‘what is highest & best for my clients?‘ to make decisions, listening for your own answers, and being in ‘right relationship‘ with everyone you do business with.

Pricing is $5,000 for the 45 day vision and master plan, and you may choose to work with us for the year in one of our Councils (intimate, curated groups of 6 business owners) or as a private client.

Curious and feeling called to explore more? Let’s find a time to have a conversation, get to know each other better, and see if we are a fit. Note: this is not a sales conversation unless you invite us to work with you. Click here to make it happen.