Vision, Master Planning and Implementation

Let’s build your business differently – together

I’ve partnered with  intuitive Rebecca Liston and strategist Sarah Dew to bring you a powerhouse trio of seeing, action and words. With more than 30 years entrepreneurial experience among us — in a range of fields — we work with small business owners, coaches, healers and consultants to shift their marketing and sales strategies into clarity… and a new paradigm – where ‘knowing your lane’, marching to the beat of your own drummer, and teamwork take you farther, faster than any one of us would ever get on our own.

Get 3 of us, bringing what’s highest and best to your work

There are three phases to building a business:

Phase I – Getting clear on your vision for what the heck you’re building in your business

Phase II – Making a step-by-step plan for how you will get from where you are now to your vision

Phase III – Working the plan, day in, day out

You can hire us to work with you in one of two ways. One: to create your Vision & Master Plan (Phases I and II). Or two: to create your Vision & Master Plan and support you as your implement (Phases I, II, and III).

How it works

The Vision & Master Plan package typically runs 45 days and includes 3 meetings with all three of us, plus work we do on your behalf to clarify your vision and craft your Master Plan. We are connected and chatting with you on Slack the whole time.

In our first meeting, you’ll meet with the 3 of us for a Getting To Know You call, where we’ll ask you questions about your business, and intuitively ask your business what she wants to be when she grows up. From there, the three of us meet on your behalf without you, to discuss what we discovered in your first session, and to craft your Vision for what you’re building. You do not need to lift a finger. Some of our clients use this time to take a nap, or to clean out their closets. Our more attuned clients report noticing some subtle and not-so-subtle shifts (we are doing intuitive and energetic work on your behalf, after all!) — tiredness, extreme excitement, letting go of some stuff that they don’t need anymore, fresh insights into what they’re doing, vivid dreams, exciting new opportunities. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

In Session #2, you’ll meet with us again for your Vision Presentation, where we present a one page clear distillation of where you are headed, in a way that you can not only see, but almost taste. You’ll get a few days to receive it, digest it, give us feedback and let us know what’s coming up for you. At this point, you’ll receive a document we call a Pick List — a menu of items those who have gone before you have asked us to advise them on. This also gives us some nuts-and-bolts info about your business (like your sales process, how many clients you have now, how you represent yourself on social media, what you do for lead generation) that we need to review before we put together your Master Plan. You’ll have about a week to compile this.

Then the three of us sit down again on your behalf to hammer out a step-by-step plan for what actions to take to move from where you are now to what we presented in your Vision Presentation. This is a robust PDF that runs about 12-15 pages, with sections like who your core customer is, how you work with clients, how much they pay you to do that work, what your step-by-step marketing plan is. Depending on your situation, we may also name and outline your talk or webinar, write a script for what to say to your allies so they know how to refer you the right people, write your homepage copy, or suggest that you STOP doing certain things in your lead gen, social media outreach, networking, or sales processes (our clients LOVE this part!). We’ll also respond to your specific requests for advice on key areas of your business and marketing.

In Session #3, you’ll meet with the three of us again for your Master Plan presentation, where we’ll walk you through your plan. As you take in and make sense of the plan, we’ll be with you on your own private Slack channel — you can ask questions, share what’s coming up as you review your plan, and celebrate additional insights and boons that come from doing this work.

Two weeks later, you’ll meet with one of us again for your Implementation session, where we’ll ask you: what support do you need to work your plan? You can choose to work with us as you implement by joining one of our Councils — where we root you into your vision every day of the next 365 days, and you know in your bones that the three of us plus the other 5 people in your Council have your back as you work your plan — or you can put your plan in a drawer and forget you ever had this conversation with us. {wink}

What makes this different?

  • You get three of us – not just one. There’s an alchemy here that’s different, refreshing, and wise
  • We envision and shape your work around who you are, which means everyone who works with us ends up with a vision and a plan that’s unique to them. This is not one-size-fits-none work. It’s custom to you.
  • We bring a robust set of skills and experience to the conversation — as only an intuitive, strategist and copywriter can

Also, you should know that we work in new paradigm of business building — where money isn’t the most interesting thing,  professionals ‘know their lane’ and refer out when the work isn’t theirs to do, we all march to the beat of our own drummers, and teamwork take us farther, faster than any one of us would ever get on our own.


Vision & Master Plan: $5,000 (work typically runs about 45 days)

Council: $10,800 for 12 months (you start after your Vision and Master Plan is complete, so we’d work together at least 14 months total. If you like working with us, we can keep working together after that.)

Curious and feeling called to explore more? Let’s find a time to have a conversation, get to know each other better, and see if we are a fit. Note: this is not a sales conversation unless you invite us to work with you. Click here to make it happen.