Because being real is something you can’t fake.

We live in a world saturated in advertising, sales emails, and strangers telling us to “click here buy now.” But in this digital wasteland of empty promises and snake oil hustlers lay your golden opportunity.

The way we see it, there are plenty of people in the marketplace who ignore “fast food” messages of cheap, easy, and convenient. They want truth. They want real. They want results. And they buy what they want, no matter the price. So how do you talk to them so  they become clients for life? And how do you change the conversation so you connect with them… right from the start?

That’s what we help you do around here. Nail your message. Spark a real conversation that’s so awesome, they can’t look away. Be someone who’s “disarmingly genuine” in your writing, talks, and videos.  Brand yourself so that you appeal to high-end clients.  Get your projects done — and out into the world — so you make money. With a style, voice, and point of view that’s all your own. (So it shimmers naturally, without you having to gussy it up with magic, manipulative, mind-controlling power words).

Welcome to the neighborhood. We’re glad to join your team of advisers, creatives, and colleagues getting you where you want to go.

Keep up the good work,



5 ways to stop attracting people without money.

Words are like little magnets -- are yours saying 'overwhelmed?'

Words are like little magnets -- are yours saying 'overwhelmed?'

Words are like little magnets — are yours saying ‘overwhelmed’?

Did you know that the words you use DIRECTLY relate to the caliber of person showing up in your sales conversations?

That’s why I don’t recommend using certain words to describe your people’s problems. Here’s a partial list:

- broke
- struggling
- overwhelmed
- confused
- wanting to be seen

Now those are fine words. And there are certainly plenty of people out there who will line up under a sign that says “Overwhelmed? Line Up Here.”

The trouble is, words are like little magnets. So you really have Read the rest >

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What I wish someone told me when I was starting out

What have you learned on your entrepreneurial adventure?

There are things I’ve learned in the last 5 years of starting and growing my business that I wish someone had told me from the beginning. I don’t know that it would have had much difference – I tend to learn through experience. And am stubborn when it comes to receiving advice. Nonetheless, here’s what I would tell my younger self:

(1) You will gain so much – but you will also lose some things, too.

My friend Q once told me some great advice: “don’t be afraid to give up something … Read the rest >

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3 Ways to Make it Right With Your Neglected Mailing List

Your list is all ears - waiting to hear from YOU

Your list is all ears - waiting to hear from YOU

Your list is all ears – waiting to hear from YOU

Has it been awhile since your mailing list has heard from you?

In this age of perpetual messaging, it’s tempting to convince ourselves that we don’t want to “clutter” the inboxes of our clients and contacts with yet another self-promoting email. And that by abstaining, we’re taking the high road.

But how much business do you think NOT SENDING an email will get you?

Which is why I say, go ahead, send emails to your mailing list. Just make sure those emails are welcome, entertaining, and useful.

As I … Read the rest >

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If you want to make great money, BE great first

Have serious ambitious goals for your business?

I’ve been talking to too many service professionals who have their sights set on greatness.

They have some ambitious goals for their business.

They want some serious income. But the problem is…

They aren’t taking themselves seriously.

Because to grow your business with online marketing, you gotta take yourself seriously.

What does that mean, exactly?

You have to hustle. For example, you must hustle your buns to write your newsletter every week. Even when you are tired. Even when the day exploded on you and you’d rather have a cocktail and let … Read the rest >

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Why I love writing and you hate it

On the path to find our “authentic service in the world”.

I’ve been writing since I was a kid.

And ever since I was little, writing has been about 3 things.



And telling better stories.

I first started writing in a journal. Writing helped me make sense of what was going on. I got to live the event three times – first when it happened, then as I wrote about it, and again when I read what I had written.

It was my way of feeling less alone.

It was the way I became okay, no matter what.… Read the rest >

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Newsletters suck. (Long live newsletters!)

Want to a newsletter that builds and strengthens your relationship with the human beings on your mailing list?

Today, we devote this space to the business newsletter.

Chances are, if you’ve not been under a rock, you’ve been exposed to the advice that you need to send a newsletter to potential clients, as a way to get them to “know, like and trust you.”

That’s true.

But the catch is, getting a newsletter out every week takes a commitment that can be hard to uphold, week in and week out.

As a woman who has written a newsletter every week … Read the rest >

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4 reasons your list isn’t buying from you.

Are you feeling bad about asking for business? If you’re in this boat, just notice it.

Your newsletter gets compliments all the time. Your friends and clients keep telling you they like it. They are inspired by it. You give good ideas. You send it regularly (more or less).

And still, it’s not really bringing you business.

What gives?

When you’ve got a list that isn’t bringing your business, here are the usual suspects:

1)    Your numbers aren’t big enough yet. Maybe you’ve got 100 people on your list. That’s a good start – but it’s not enough to support … Read the rest >

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5 Habits to Boost Your Creativity

Learn the rules so you can break them.

The thing about creativity is that it doesn’t always come when called. It’s a practice, not a trained animal.

One of the things I’m hearing from more seasoned business owners lately is that they have the basics of marketing down, but what they could use is a “creative injection.”

That’s why we offer the Writing Intensives and also why business owners hire us to work with them and their team copywriters in VIP days — to freshen up their messaging in a launch they’ve done before.

But there are some things you … Read the rest >

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How to name a program.

Stella, what should I call my program?

One of the questions I get asked all the time is: Stella, what should I call my program?

And I’ve watched many, many business owners really wrestle with the naming process.

The truth is, what you call your offer does matter. But I also want to urge you to stop putting so much pressure on yourself to come up with the PERFECT thing.

I was thinking about renaming one of my copywriting programs recently, and realized that I was going about it in a specific way. I thought I’d share my process with … Read the rest >

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Want better clients? Stop writing about struggle.

Choose to work with people who already are in the driver’s seats of their live.




Think of the last time you really wrestled with something.

Were truly challenged by it.

Got it in your mind’s eye?

Or a feeling of it in your body?

Now, write down what it felt like.

Might be a tightness in your chest.

Might be a sinking feeling.

Might be a feeling of falling off the edge of a cliff – trying in vain to grab a protruding root on the way down.

Here’s the thing. We’ve all been there. Even if … Read the rest >

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