Because being real is something you can’t fake.

We live in a world saturated in advertising, sales emails, and strangers telling us to “click here buy now.” But in this digital wasteland of empty promises and snake oil hustlers lay your golden opportunity.

The way we see it, there are plenty of people in the marketplace who ignore “fast food” messages of cheap, easy, and convenient. They want truth. They want real. They want results. And they buy what they want, no matter the price. So how do you talk to them so  they become clients for life? And how do you change the conversation so you connect with them… right from the start?

That’s what we help you do around here. Nail your message. Spark a real conversation that’s so awesome, they can’t look away. Be someone who’s “disarmingly genuine” in your writing, talks, and videos.  Brand yourself so that you appeal to high-end clients.  Get your projects done — and out into the world — so you make money. With a style, voice, and point of view that’s all your own. (So it shimmers naturally, without you having to gussy it up with magic, manipulative, mind-controlling power words).

Welcome to the neighborhood. We’re glad to join your team of advisers, creatives, and colleagues getting you where you want to go.

Keep up the good work,



How many people do I need on my list before I sell?

Last week, I wrote about a woman who has 160 people on her list, and a coach who told her she needed to simply “write more emails” to fill her group program online.

Which prompted some response from you guys.

The problem, I pointed out, is that you can’t just “write.”

Knowing how to write on its own – even if you know how to write that special thing called copy – isn’t enough.

So one of my clients asked a great question (Hi Jane!), “okay, so how many people do I need on my list to start selling – … Read the rest >

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Writing is the LAST thing you need to do.

Only after you’ve got your message and strategy down, then set to writing.

I talked to a lovely woman last week, who wanted to know why her writing wasn’t winning her business. She’s a parenting coach who’s been in business three years.

She was trying to sell a group program by email.

Unfortunately, this woman was working with a coach who told her: “the reason it’s not working is you aren’t sending enough emails. Write more emails!”

So she wrote more emails.

But they didn’t work, either.

I got so mad when she told me that.

Because “more emails” is … Read the rest >

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Being “nice” doesn’t win you clients and other truths

I started writing plays with my neighbor Sarah in Wisconsin. That’s me on the right.

Before I wrote copy, I wrote short plays.

I was facing my thirtieth birthday. I’d just moved. And I was looking for some new projects.

So, I decided to do some of the things I loved as a kid.

One goal was to enter a piece in the short play festival at the local theater.

Now, I never studied playwriting.

But when I was 13, I did put on a full season of theater – romantic comedy, farce, western, whodunit – in my basement with … Read the rest >

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The road kill story for entrepreneurs

About a week ago, the Philosopher and I were driving home from the grocery store in our new neighborhood.

(Not just any grocery store, by the way. Jungle Jims. Imagine Disney and Dean & Deluca had a love child, that dressed up in a wizard costume and roller skates. Yah, weird. Wonderful. Also, the guy that runs the joint is a marketing genius. Tacky, but genius.)

Anyway, it was nighttime.

The Philosopher was driving.

But then, there was a thud.

We hit something.

I felt it in my bones. Ew.

The Philosopher checked the rear view mirror, then … Read the rest >

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Got a lot of writing? 3 tips to get it done — fast

There’s a lot of writing to do in your business.  Newsletters, blogs, emails, video scripts, social media, presentations, handouts, bios, speaker one sheets. To say nothing of email campaigns, autoresponders, preview call opt-in pages and – gasp­ – full blown sales letters.

But the thing about writing is that it takes time.

And, I’d argue, a different part of your brain.

So, for many business owners, this writing thing is a pain in your hiney.

But a potentially very lucrative pain in your hiney.

See, when you do it right, you become like a really popular yoga teacher or bartender.… Read the rest >

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3 tips for hiring a great copywriter

If your “this needs to get written list” isn’t getting any shorter, try these three tips.

You’re neck deep in writing. You’ve never written so much in your life. Or you SHOULD be writing – but the days go by, and it’s just not getting done. You watch your “this needs to get written list” sit there. It doesn’t get shorter.

You tried to get your VA to do it.

It didn’t go so well. She’s great. Don’t get me wrong. That’s just not her wheelhouse.

So, you want to hire a copywriter. Smart thinking. Here at Stella Orange, we’ve … Read the rest >

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5 ways to stop attracting people without money.

Words are like little magnets -- are yours saying 'overwhelmed?'

Words are like little magnets -- are yours saying 'overwhelmed?'

Words are like little magnets — are yours saying ‘overwhelmed’?

Did you know that the words you use DIRECTLY relate to the caliber of person showing up in your sales conversations?

That’s why I don’t recommend using certain words to describe your people’s problems. Here’s a partial list:

- broke
- struggling
- overwhelmed
- confused
- wanting to be seen

Now those are fine words. And there are certainly plenty of people out there who will line up under a sign that says “Overwhelmed? Line Up Here.”

The trouble is, words are like little magnets. So you really have Read the rest >

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What I wish someone told me when I was starting out

What have you learned on your entrepreneurial adventure?

There are things I’ve learned in the last 5 years of starting and growing my business that I wish someone had told me from the beginning. I don’t know that it would have had much difference – I tend to learn through experience. And am stubborn when it comes to receiving advice. Nonetheless, here’s what I would tell my younger self:

(1) You will gain so much – but you will also lose some things, too.

My friend Q once told me some great advice: “don’t be afraid to give up something … Read the rest >

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3 Ways to Make it Right With Your Neglected Mailing List

Your list is all ears - waiting to hear from YOU

Your list is all ears - waiting to hear from YOU

Your list is all ears – waiting to hear from YOU

Has it been awhile since your mailing list has heard from you?

In this age of perpetual messaging, it’s tempting to convince ourselves that we don’t want to “clutter” the inboxes of our clients and contacts with yet another self-promoting email. And that by abstaining, we’re taking the high road.

But how much business do you think NOT SENDING an email will get you?

Which is why I say, go ahead, send emails to your mailing list. Just make sure those emails are welcome, entertaining, and useful.

As I … Read the rest >

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If you want to make great money, BE great first

Have serious ambitious goals for your business?

I’ve been talking to too many service professionals who have their sights set on greatness.

They have some ambitious goals for their business.

They want some serious income. But the problem is…

They aren’t taking themselves seriously.

Because to grow your business with online marketing, you gotta take yourself seriously.

What does that mean, exactly?

You have to hustle. For example, you must hustle your buns to write your newsletter every week. Even when you are tired. Even when the day exploded on you and you’d rather have a cocktail and let … Read the rest >

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