I help coaches, healers and consultants write marketing in a new and better way – one that feels good and creates great clients. Amen and hallelujah!

I’m here to help you:

  • Put simple, elegant words to what you do
  • Nail your marketing message
  • Stop “marketing your business” and find your unique way of connecting with customers
  • Write effective, conversational promotions quickly and with confidence

Your clients aren’t idiots.

So why would you need to manipulate them to get them to work with you?

Deep down, you know there’s a classier way to treat people beyond the old ‘touch their pain’ marketing advice. You’re absolutely right – now let’s talk about how to start doing it in your business. Grab my guide The New Marketing: How to Create Clients for Your Coaching or Healing Business Without Feeling Icky, Manipulative or Gross here:

Let’s nail your marketing message, together

Most coaches, healers and consultants have wildly unfocused marketing messages. Let’s nip that in the bud, eh?

Whether you’re a seasoned professional who wins business through referrals and public speaking, or you just finished your coaching certification, let me walk you through how to create a clear and compelling marketing message for your business.


Let’s Go!


Contact me for speaking, media interviews, or to upgrade your message

An award-winning playwright and copywriter, one of my favorite things ever is a good conversation. Whether you run a coaching school, marketing shop or conference or want to work with me privately to upgrade your marketing so it resonates with the right customers…

Let’s chat about a collaboration

In a world filled with online classes, there’s only one Shut Up And Write:


Three times a month, I host a 90-minute shut up and write session by videoconference for members of my Shut Up And Write community. We hold each other accountable for showing up, shutting up, and writing our marketing week after week. AND we’ve got a No Beating Yourself Up rule in here. So if you need to shut up and consistently write your marketing, do it with us:


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No coaching. No monthly attendance at meetings. No big price tag. Just a curated group of high action, low drama colleagues who gather twice a year in person to scheme, dream, and problem solve together.


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