Because being real is something you can’t fake.

We live in a world saturated in advertising, sales emails, and strangers telling us to “click here buy now.” But in this digital wasteland of empty promises and snake oil hustlers lay your golden opportunity.

The way we see it, there are plenty of people in the marketplace who ignore “fast food” messages of cheap, easy, and convenient. They want truth. They want real. They want results. And they buy what they want, no matter the price. So how do you talk to them so  they become clients for life? And how do you change the conversation so you connect with them… right from the start?

That’s what we help you do around here. Nail your message. Spark a real conversation that’s so awesome, they can’t look away. Be someone who’s “disarmingly genuine” in your writing, talks, and videos.  Brand yourself so that you appeal to high-end clients.  Get your projects done — and out into the world — so you make money. With a style, voice, and point of view that’s all your own. (So it shimmers naturally, without you having to gussy it up with magic, manipulative, mind-controlling power words).

Welcome to the neighborhood. We’re glad to join your team of advisers, creatives, and colleagues getting you where you want to go.

Keep up the good work,



I hate the word authentic.

In marketing and branding, distinguishing yourself in the marketplace is the name of the game.

But with so many people calling themselves “authentic,” the meaning has gotten watered down.

I suspect the original intent may have been to distinguish oneself from the rest of us money-grubbing hard hearts, but these days, authentic is not much of a distinction.

(What if we all agreed that not tricking or lying to people is just good business — period?)

And . . . also?

I can’t stand the word.

I feel a bit weird confessing this.

I know it’s a buzzword of sorts.… Read the rest >

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Some thoughts on marketing for people who are “woo” AND grounded

Is your "woo" language repelling the grounded clients you want to attract into your business?

Is your "woo" language repelling the grounded clients you want to attract into your business?

Dear person who is a friend of the woo AND grounded,

We’ve got a discussion going in my house.

I’ll say this: I meditate. I ask for guidance from my 86-year-old-self, and talk to trees and animals and my spirit guides. I trust my vibes. I believe in the unseen. And I don’t think that it all shakes down in science.

And I live with a professional Philosopher (yes, that is still a thing) who sees things differently. He’s currently teaching two formal logic classes and really likes busting out the term “double-blind peer reviewed study.”

To which I reply, … Read the rest >

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The Word Police Just Pulled Over the Word “Cleanse”

Using the word "cleanse" in your marketing? You've been pulled over.

Using the word "cleanse" in your marketing? You've been pulled over.

Get ready for the fuzz.

We’re starting a new column here at Stella Orange, dedicated to the fact that, as the Philosopher routinely likes to remind us, “words mean things.”

To that, we add: “words mean different things to different people.”

With that, welcome to Word Police. Where we’ll explore the different words being used in the marketplace that really should be pulled over, ticketed, and brought to justice.

Like “empowerment.”

“Women in transition.”

And today’s word, “cleanse.”

Specifically, I’m talking to the health and wellness coaches among us, among whose offerings are often this 10-day to 3-week experience.… Read the rest >

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We’re Hiring a Client Concierge Who Wants To Help Good People Positively Impact Tens of Thousands of Families, Neighborhoods and Communities

Are you already pinching yourself? Pinch on. It’s true. We’re hiring a Client Concierge.

Who You Are
You are a hardworking, attention-detailed customer service pro who delights in treating strangers like friends and solving problems like a ninja. You may be tired of stuffy jobs that aren’t much fun. You are ready to work for a business that makes a difference and cares about people.

You could be an admin type or executive assistant who loves looking after people and organizing projects and tasks. You are an organizing, nurturing force of nature, without being obsessive about it. You’re ready to … Read the rest >

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Your Writing Is Not the Problem – Here’s What Is

“Stella, my writing isn’t working.”

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a business owner say this.

But here’s the good news – you don’t need to be a “writer” to build your fan base and win clients online.

You don’t need to memorize a bunch of “rules” about copywriting and persuasion.

And you certainly don’t need to trick people or manipulate them with Magical Power Words.

When I work with business owners on the results they get from their writing, the first thing we do is talk about what I call the “Triangle of Love.”

The … Read the rest >

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The 6-step business writing process

The Business Writing Process

You sit in front of your computer.

The page is blank in front of you.

The cursor blinks at you, mockingly.

You decide to do the dishes.

Fold laundry.

Clean your office.

Two hours later, you realize you haven’t written anything. (But your kitchen counters are clean).

One of the biggest challenges business owners tell me they face when it comes to writing is this: the process.

Here’s what most of us think the process is:

1. Sit down.

2. Write.

And when that doesn’t happen, you get mad and start saying horribly abusive things to … Read the rest >

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Why you need a mailing list if you want to sell online

You don’t need to buy a big list to find buyers.

I see so many business owners pouring their time into low price point offers. Ebooks. An online course. A one-off teleseminar.

They think that the low price is a selling point.

If it’s just $37 (or $27 or $147), more people will buy it. Right?

Well, maybe.

But maybe not.

Because you’ve got to ask yourself: who’s gonna buy this?

Where are the buyers going to come from?

Often, when I ask a business owner this, they answer something like, “we’re going to buy a list” or “facebook.”

And … Read the rest >

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It’s not all about the facts.

“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand; instead of a million count half a dozen, and keep your accounts on your thumbnail.” – Henry David Thoreau




Henry David Thoreau was right.


One of the things that plagues business owners who are crafting their own copy, be it web copy, emails, or sales pages, is our crazy need to throw everything we’ve got at our audience (in the hopes that SOMETHING will convince them to hire us).… Read the rest >

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Confessions of a time bandit

Time and I are having ourselves a bit of a bumpy ride lately.

As in, it seems to shape shift. And I keep trying to hang onto it.

I had a colleague last year tell me that she was working on getting out of “time poverty.”

I know what she means, you guys.

As the business grows, it seems that EVERYTHING shape shifts. I can’t drink as much beer. I have to eat greens every day or I start feeling weird. I go to bed earlier. I understand relaxation, massages, and naps to be required, not luxury. Pleasure isn’t just … Read the rest >

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7 things people who sell with emails do that you probably don’t (yet)

The secret to selling through email isn’t about data or memorizing tried-and-true patterns of persuasion. It’s more about who you are, and knowing how to position that in a way that really resonates with your reader. Here are 7 secrets to selling through email, for the rest of us:

  1. Let go of jargon
    Too many professionals never get any traction on email because they are trapped in the glass jars of their own training. It’s like fireflies – so pretty, but there’s something inherently caged and limiting. To connect with people and move them in your writing, you must learn
Read the rest >
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