Your customers are the heroes

Let’s make sure your marketing tells ’em that story.

I’m here to help you:

  • Get to know the hero’s journey of your ideal client
  • Craft marketing that reminds potential customers of their own power and resourcefulness
  • Create high-quality clients
  • Trust yourself as the ultimate authority in marketing and sales

The story you tell in your marketing matters.

That’s why I’m here to help you tell your people the story of the hero’s journey. Because the stories we tell in our marketing shape how people think about who they are and what’s even possible. And that’s a pretty big responsibility. Grab my guide The New Marketing: How to Create Clients for Your Coaching or Healing Business Without Feeling Icky, Manipulative or Gross and let’s get started:

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An award-winning playwright and copywriter, I love talking about how every coach and healer needs to remind their customers to become the heroes they’ve been shopping for. Whether you run a coaching school, marketing shop or conference or want to work with me privately . . .

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