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Why Touching Your Customer’s Pain Is A Terrible Idea (And Where to Connect with them Instead)

Most experts will tell you to ‘touch the pain’ of your core customer in your marketing. But my take is that pain is a terrible place to connect with clients. Instead, I teach my students to look for the challenge, desire, or ripeness in their customers’ lives. If you are a parenting coach who speaks to parents’ pain, you might write something like this: Are you struggling to get your teen to listen to you? The trouble here is that …

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Emotional leadership: How to treat your leads better than 98% of the internet

Do you want to attract leads that are as high quality (if not higher) as those you make in one-on-one and face-to-face interactions? Then let’s talk about how to do that on your website. First off, I teach my copywriting students about emotional leadership. We don’t hear a lot of experts talking about this, but … Read More >