Most people’s marketing exploits other people’s weaknesses.

The New Marketing says: hey, here’s a better idea . . .

Why not speak to their hero’s journey and love of a good challenge instead?

And let’s not do anything dishonest or manipulative while we’re at it, eh?

Case in point: Have you ever been told to ‘touch their pain’?

The old marketing tells us to touch prospective customers’ pain and poke at their discomfort.

While this ‘pain point’ marketing works, it’s not classy.

Also? It makes a lot of us feel bad.

Also? It pumps fear, scarcity and inadequacy into the world.

Also? It only ‘works’ on people who think the solution is somewhere ‘out there’. (Hint: if you want to work with heroes, don’t market to them like damsels in distress.)

(For more on this, check out my position paper The New Marketing: How to create clients for your coaching or healing business without feeling gross, manipulative or icky here.)

If you’ve ever been told by a guru or coach that you ‘have to’ market your business the old marketing way . . .  this hero’s journey stuff will set you free.

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Let’s Go!


We’re on this adventure together!

The way I see it, everyone who resonates with this idea of the hero’s journey has a role to play. The world needs coaches, healers and consultants who tell stories of hope, adventure, and desire (and who flat out refuse to use marketing narratives and tactics that intentionally erode people’s trust in their own competence and wisdom).

There’s an army of us who share this view. And there are more of us with each passing day.

Imagine the chorus of us, across industries, around the world, reflecting back to people that yes, they can improve their lives. Yes, life is an adventure. Yes, we are here as their allies on the road to the life they want . . .  but no one can walk that road but them (and buying stuff is not the same as doing the work).

Can I get a hallelujah?!

I want to know what ideas you try . . . and what you discover as you explore and experiment with the hero’s journey in your business. Let me know!

Keep up the good work,

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