Website Copywriting Packages

If you are an established business owner who has outgrown your existing website or message, I write website copy for 8-10 businesses a year.  I work with business owners who know how to collaborate; are interested, willing and able to give me full creative control; and who have the knowing that I’m the one to help them put words to their bigger vision. Even if you might be feeling a bit intimidated, you know in your gut this is for you.

If it sounds weird to hire a copywriter like me to write your website and hold you to a higher standard for your work and how you communicate about it, this isn’t for you.

Packages are in the $5,000 range and are fully customized to what you want to get done. If you’re considering hiring me in this way, please apply for a project consult telling us about your project, your goals for the project, your timeline, and why you are interested. If we seem like a fit, we’ll set up a phone consult to talk through your website project and then I will prepare a custom proposal outlining scope of work and investment.

Don’t have a website developer and designer you love?

Use mine. I work with my friend Jacob Desch (he designed this website and all my opt in and sales pages). We work really well together and create work that doesn’t look like anything else people are doing online. Hire us both and I’ll manage your project, advise you on online marketing and email strategy, serve as your Art Director, write your copy, and Jacob will design and code your website. This package is fully customized and we are selective about our clientele.