New Marketing Alliance

Let’s work together to craft marketing that knocks their socks off.

You are:

  • A high-action, low-drama coach, healer or consultant who’s ripe to upgrade the marketing message of your established business
  • Clear that the ‘old marketing’ — touching people’s pain, speaking to their struggle, or manipulating them to get them to buy — is not for you
  • Have a specific revenue-generating project you’d like to collaborate on

For you, dear pilgrim, may I suggest . . .

The New Marketing Alliance

In the New Marketing Alliance, you and I will create white hot marketing for the work that’s most alive for you.  In this fully customized collaboration, we will work side-by-side to:

  • Create a plan for what we will work on together, in priority order
  • Give you deadlines for what needs to get done when
  • Put simple, powerful words to what you’re offering
  • Brainstorm your message and distill it into the most potent words that resonate with your favorite customers
  • Write what needs to get written without drama or self-flagellation

The New Marketing Alliance is a partnership between you and me, based on what you want to create and what you need to create it. Business owners have collaborated with me on high-stakes, money-making projects like:

  • Message, structure and pitch on a 60 minute sales webinar (Result: $100k+ AUSD in sales)
  • Naming and talk outline for in person presentation to corporate audience (Result: dramatic shift in sales leads, from middle managers to C-suite execs)
  • Completing a website-writing project (Result: a completed website that finally reflects the depth of her work)
  • Outline, message, and create stranger-to-client pathway online and from in-person presenations (Result: $40K client signed from the talk)
  • Writing a new talk for a NYT bestselling author’s book launch that broke free of the paint-by-numbers speak-to-sell formula (Result: Relief at getting real. And yeah, sales.)

The New Marketing Alliance includes:

  • 90 minute kick off call with Stella your first month
  • A 60 minute call (for message work) or 2 x 30 minute calls (for accountability and strategy) with Stella in the months following
  • Copy reviews via email (2-3 day turnaround. My business is built on spaciousness and I must insist that yours be as well)
  • A pass to Shut Up And Write with the crew for the duration of our collaboration

Collaborations typically run 90 days minimum, and may go longer if it’s fruitful for us both. There are 6 spots available at any given time. Pricing is based on the project you will complete, and how much of my energy it will take to support you. Pricing is custom, proposal-based and I only accept projects where we agree that you will make back a significant return on your investment. Note: I am not a coach or a business advisor, so you need to already ‘know how to swim’ and make money in business, so that you are well-positioned to receive my marketing message, copywriting, and ‘just be real with people’ advising. If this resonates, email to explore working together. Curious what the New Marketing is? Check out my position paper here.