New Marketing Alliance

You’re a high-action, low-drama person who loves what you do (and gets paid well to do it)

You get the concept of the New Marketing. It makes your bits buzz. But honestly, you don’t have the first effing clue how to apply this New Marketing idea to your marketing, sales, and promotions. (Even though you know it must be done).

You get that the old way of creating clients — by touching people’s pain, speaking to their struggle, or manipulating them to get them to move — is not for you.

Yet oddly, you find yourself on the edge of your ability here. You can taste the shift. You just can’t seem to quite ‘see’ it — let alone put it into words!

Maybe you have a sense that you are out of alignment. You’re getting clients and money’s coming in the door. Maybe the kinds of clients showing up aren’t quite right… or you feel an inner shift, and can’t quite figure out how to language it so the right people get it.

Something is moving. Something deep within you is alive . . . whispering . . . waiting for your marketing to catch up. There is more for you. A LOT more. You’re on the cusp of doing your life’s work. You’re on the edge of something BIG (and you’re going for it, baby!). For you, dear pilgrim, may I suggest . . .

The New Marketing Alliance

I’ll serve as your collaborator, co-conspiritor and ally as you upgrade your message and marketing. I’ll be by your side as you upgrade your marketing from ‘this never felt right’ to the most potent expression of your work that resonates with your favorite customers.

That pent up feeling like you’re SO CLOSE, if only you could find a way to say it so other people ‘get it’?

You and I will go there — into the belly of the beast — and find the words, practice you speaking and writing them over and over until they are second nature, like breathing or laughing or walking. You will feel the humbling and world-creating power of using your real voice to speak what’s yours to say… and get to watch the real difference it makes — for your clients and for your business. (Oh yeah, it makes money. But that’s not what’s most interesting. What’s most interesting is making change — and lining up your words with what you’re actually calling forth in others, New Marketing style. Words create worlds, as I like to say).

You will know this is for you in the way that you always know when something is for you.

The New Marketing Alliance includes:

  • 90 minute kick off call with Stella your first month
  • Monthly 60 minute calls for message work or 2 x 30 minute calls for accountability and strategy with Stella the months after that
  • Copy reviews via email (2-3 day turnaround. My business is built on spaciousness and I must insist that yours be as well)
  • Write Club membership – including 3 x 90 minute group Shut Up And Write sessions every month
  • Invite to quarterly Friday Feedback call, to present your copy to Stella and other business owners to workshop and make it sing

This is a nine month program that runs over 12 months, meaning we’ll take 3 months during the year off from calls (July, December, and I’ll tell you how the last month off works when we chat), so that I can go be a hermit in my cave for some much-needed ‘integration time’ and YOU can take some time to be quiet and with yourself, too.

There are 6 spots and this for people who have plenty of money coming in the door and aren’t necessarily looking to add another revenue stream; what you’re seeking is alignment (because you know when you have that, the money and opportunities and customers flow to you). If this resonates, email to explore working together.