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Hello, over there!

Glad you found your way here. Couple things for you, before you fill out the form below.

Things have changed around here. I used to write copy for clients and teach people marketing. I now do that work in collaboration with two other people, at Orange, Liston, & Dew. We still write copy, do design and branding, and we also help business owners get clear on their vision, make a master plan to build it, and support them as they make it happen. Peep out a possible collaboration with Orange, Liston, & Dew.

Looking for a copywriter? I’m no longer doing this work for clients. Feel free to email us anyway and I can refer you to one of my competent colleagues.

What’s left here at Stella Orange is me teaching people how to have a writing practice that helps them process the ‘hero’s journey’ they are on. This is called Writing Your Way Home. I haven’t gotten around to writing a website for it yet, but email me and I’ll send you a flyer about the next one. You don’t need a business to do this workshop with me; it’s open to everybody.

All that said, please complete this form and we’ll get back to you. Thank you for your interest in my work – I’ll see you on the road.

Keep up the good work,

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