Project Consult

Hello, over there!

Glad you found your way here. Couple things to note before you complete this form. First, I work with clients as a teacher, facilitator or collaborative ally (not a coach). The people who get the most out of working with me like that I don’t tell them what to do, but get them moving in a new and aligned direction when it comes to effectively marketing their work, in their own voice and in their own way. I don’t have all the answers, but I know how to ask the right questions so you find them for yourself.

The coaches, healers and self-employed professionals in my crew are all part of the New Marketing revolution – no high-pressure sales, fear-mongering or sales-message-disguised-as-mindset-coaching-to-point-out-why-you-need-to-buy-now here. We like making money, but making money is not the most interesting thing to us. The most interesting thing is our lives, our families, our work, our collaborations and our adventures.

Need to get consistent in your message and marketing? Join Write Club.

Resonate with the New Marketing revolution, and want me in your corner as you infuse it into your message and marketing? Check out the New Marketing Alliance.

Looking for a copywriter? I still write copy for a few clients, but I have to really love your message and be fired up about the way you’re going about it. These days, I write websites for intuitive masters whose websites don’t reflect the depth and power of their work (here’s an example) and webinars, talks, sales pages and email campaigns for iconic online businesses (here’s an example).

All that said, if you still have a good feeling about me, please complete this form and we’ll get back to you with some follow up questions and possible a link to set up a chat if we think we can help.

Keep up the good work,