There’s one story at the heart of your business

Find it, then build your business like a dam beaver.

What’s One Story?

For the past 8 years, I (Stella) have written and taught marketing for coaches, healers and consultants. A former playwright and inner city public school teacher, I quickly noticed that most marketing tells people a story of the fantasy rescue, the magic savior, the guru whose 7 step formula changes everything.

I despise that story with every fiber of my being.

So I set out to create marketing that tells people a different story. A story of how anything we want in life is possible, if we’re willing to leave what’s familiar, cross the threshold, be tested, face down the stuff that scares you, stay the course and allow yourself to be transformed by the whole experience.

Turns out, this is a really powerful tool that makes it way easier for coaches, healers and consultants to convey what you actually do for people – and it resonates with prospective clients shopping for transformation, not some bargain basement quick fix.

This one story is the story of the hero called to more. It’s a story that humans have been telling each other for millennia, across cultures, religions, and continents. This is the one story every coach, healer or consultant needs to be telling in their marketing and promotions. Know this one story, and suddenly marketing your business isn’t drudgery. It’s getting to remind your people of their own competence and ability to overcome whatever challenge they face, with every fiber of your being.

One Story is the place I teach business owners how to use this powerful tool of making this one story the foundation for all your marketing.

What’s BeaverCon?

It turns out that you and I are on a hero’s journey as we build our businesses, too. We need to leave what’s familiar, cross the threshold, be tested, face down the stuff that scares us, stay the course and allow ourselves to be transformed by the whole experience.

Thankfully, every hero has allies she meets along the way.

‘Beavers’ are the slightly goofy, tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek name we give to coaches, healers and consultants who design and build our businesses together, as part of a new way forward, where collaboration, conversation, customizing how you do business and being in relationship are the whole ballgame.

(It’s also slang for you-know-what, which if you don’t find funny, means we definitely aren’t for you.)

Beavers are all about business design. Our motto: build it like you give a dam. We share the belief that a lot of common marketing and business building advice out there is unimaginative, mediocre, if not downright predatory, and we’ve decided to do it differently.

So BeaverCon is an emerging conversation about how we can go about designing, building, and doing business in a new way. And a fast-growing community of like-minded people who are showing up to have that conversation.

BeaverCon is a collaboration between me (Stella), Rebecca Liston, and Sarah Dew. It’s big. It’s good. And it’s juicy.

(Oh, and there’s a plethora of beaver jokes and puns in the room. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

Previous BeaverCon topics have included:

  • What would be fun for YOU to build (vs what you were told you HAD to build)
  • How to Market your business in ways that align with Who You Are (not Who You Are Not)
  • Sales: doing it better (kiss that formula adios!)
  • Right Relationships and the ways in which we can meet new people that’s not “all about the JV” (ugh)
  • and the ever-popular Who Owns a Lawnmower in which we investigate how to collaborate and share resources in ways that feel good for all!

The “New Way” of Doing and Being in Business (the Beaver Way, if you will) is unfolding before our very eyes — and we’re creating all this goodness, together.

Program At-a-Glance

Friday, October 20th 9am – 5pm

  • Full breakfast will be served before official program starts at 9am*
  • Morning Session: One Story and Your Marketing Message, presented by Stella Orange
  • Lunch will be served*
  • Afternoon Session: Getting out our heads and into our bodies (a body-based approach to the hero’s journey story; appropriate for all bodies!)
  • After Hours: Quiet time on your own or gather with the social butterflies in the group out for a drink in fabulous Buffalo, New York.

Saturday, October 21st 9am – 5pm

  • Full breakfast will be served before official program starts at 9am*
  • Morning Session: Business Design for Beavers, hosted by Orange, Liston & Dew
  • Lunch will be served*
  • Afternoon Sessions:
    • How Beavers Do Marketing Differently, hosted by Orange, Liston & Dew
    • Coffee talk at the Beaver Lodge, hosted by Orange, Liston & Dew
  • After Hours: On your own or gather with friends old and new.

Sunday, October 22nd 9am – noon

  • Full breakfast will be served before official program starts at 9am*
  • Morning Session: How Beavers Do Relationships Differently, hosted by Orange, Liston & Dew

*We know how to feed people with food sensitivities, allergies, and preferences. And we love veggies and fresh food as much as you do!

Travel details.

If you’re flying in, you will be arriving at Buffalo Niagara Airport (BUF), about a 22-min ride from the area where we are holding One Story.

Stay where you like — but might we suggest using Many of our past attendees had great experiences renting and sharing home rather than staying in hotels.

(Locations nearby to filter for: Allentown, Elmwood, and Downtown Buffalo)

If you are having difficulties finding lodging, please email – we can get you some further assistance!

You can rent a car, or get around town with ride sharing; Uber and Lyft just began to offer service in Buffalo in 2017. Apps are available for both services (you may want to install them before you depart). Buffalo is not a large city, so much of what you may want to explore is only a brisk walk or rideshare hop away.

Get your ticket today!

Treat yourself to a weekend getaway away from your routine. Uncover the epic story you are already telling through your work (yep, it’s there now. Yep, we’ll help you uncover it at One Story). Use the right ‘bait’ in your marketing so you catch the client ‘fish’ you dream of. Meet high-action, low-drama comrades who can become the colleagues, Accountabilibuddies, referral partners, resources and friends you need to grow a business and have a great life. Most importantly, give yourself the room to scheme, dream, and get connected with the other powerhouses in the Stella Orange community.

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