Craft Your Message Playbook

Got a clear marketing message?

Do you run a business that helps people improve their lives?

Do you create clients with ‘word of mouth,’ referrals or speaking?

Want to work with clients who do the work, happily pay you well, and refer you to their friends?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then I invite you to decide on a marketing message for your business right now. Why? Because resonating with the right customers isn’t random. And it’s not  luck. It’s about ‘getting’ what your customers want and clearly showing you can help them get it. Make sense? Good. Now . . .

You may need a guide to do this.

LUCKY YOU: I wrote one.

It’s called a Message Playbook. It has 7 questions that everyone with a business must clearly and decisively answer so your marketing will resonate with great clients.

Download the Message Playbook PDF – free

Don’t want to do this on your own?

Let’s do it together.

Free stuff is great (you can get your free copy of the Message Playbook above). But if you really want to improve your marketing — and the caliber of people who show up to work with you — you need the ‘secret sauce’. The secret sauce is a story.

The story is the hero’s journey. When you tell the story of the hero in your marketing, you remind potential customers of their own power and resourcefulness — and you create higher-quality customers. I’ve been doing this for years and teaching my clients how to do it, too. We call it the New Marketing.

In Part One, I’ll walk you through the hero’s journey –  a story that has been told for thousands of years.

This story transcends cultures and religions. It’s a teaching story that resonates with people on a deep level. You’ll unpack the hero’s journey for your ideal client. For each station on the hero’s journey, I will ask you simple clarifying questions that help you put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes, and understand her quest (and how your product or service fits into it).

In Part Two, we’ll turn the hero’s journey story into a effective positioning statement and marketing message.

You will decide on the 7 points of your marketing message, and resist the temptation to ‘make it perfect’ before you get it out there.

In Part Three, I’ll show you how to take your marketing message and get it into writing.

We’ll work on a simple flier for your business, so you see how simple and straightforward writing ‘on message’ can be.

The Craft Your Message Playbook Curriculum


Part I: You’re Not the Hero – Your Customers Are

  • Discover the hero’s journey framework
  • Get into ‘right relationship’ with your customers (you aren’t the hero in your marketing; they are!)
  • Unpack your ideal clients’ hero’s journey with 10 key questions to put yourself in their shoes

Part II: From Hero’s Journey to Marketing Message

  • Distinguish between prospective customers who are ripe vs. people who want you to convince them (or pull them ‘across the threshold’)
  • Create a clear and effective positioning statement so people can refer you business
  • Using your hero’s story, map out the 7 points of your marketing message with confidence and decisiveness


Part III: Put Your Marketing Message Into Writing

  • Get clear that without action, this workshop is useless
  • Using your hero’s journey and new marketing message, write a simple flier
  • See how simple it can be to write marketing, now that you know your customer’s hero’s journey

Craft Your Message Playbook is not only super-approachable, it’s fun.

Before taking Craft Your Message, I was afraid of commitment to my ideal client and my niche. I had been a practicing coach for approximately two years, and yet I was just too scared of excluding any potential clients or practice areas to narrow my focus. The result? By trying to connect with everyone, I was connecting with no one!

-Sunny Joy McMillan | Lawyer-turned-Life Coach and Radio Host |

After taking this Craft Your Message Playbook, I feel so much more confident in the value that I provide…

I’m not wasting time and energy on people who I really don’t want to work with. Because of that I have so much more energy for the clients who I love working with and more quality clients are working with me.

-Dr. Amy McLaughlin | Sacred Connection Journeys |

Now whenever I get stuck writing copy, I remember how simple it can be and needs to be.

There was a moment in Craft your Message, on a live call, when I was working with Stella on how my work is unique. I’ll never forget it. My first response didn’t land at all with her or the others on the call—thumbs down! And then something quiet and so obvious came out of my mouth; The whole group lit up; Stella got the goose bumps.  I was amazed—That’s it?  That’s all? It was so simple!

-Julie Claire | Paint Big Live Big |

You will walk out of Craft Your Message Playbook with:

  • An intuitive understanding of the ‘hero’s journey’ your people are on
  • ‘right relationship’ with your customers (no more trying to ‘save’ people; they must save themselves, with you as an ally or mentor)
  • A COMPLETED Message Playbook
  • A basic flier to promote what you do
  • Your questions? ANSWERED!!
  • NO MORE sitting on the fence about your ‘target market’
  • NO MORE attracting clients who don’t have the money to pay you
  • NO MORE apologizing for raising your rates
  • NO MORE shying away from DECLARING what you do!
  • 98% more clarity
  • INCREASED confidence
  • Relief and satisfaction
  • A tool you can use and update to keep your message consistent for years to come!

Your Craft Your Message Playbook purchase includes:

  • A 3-part workshop with Stella Orange
  • A blank Message Playbook, to help you record your discoveries in the lab and communicate a consistent message in writing, talks, and video
  • An easy-to-use Basic Flier template to promote what you do
  • Print-quality handouts with questions, exercises, and tools to help you nail your message
  • MP3 recordings, so you can go back and listen when you need a refresh
  • A new, intuitive way of putting yourself in your customer’s shoes
  • More confidence and clarity about your marketing message, for the rest of the life of your business (PRICELESS)


Plus these crazy-good bonuses…


New Marketing: How to Create Clients for Your Coaching or Healing Business without Feeling Gross, Icky or Manipulative (PDF)

Get a copy of Stella’s new position paper about how to effectively market your business without ‘touching their pain’ or telling your prospective customers a story about how they can’t solve their problem without buying something from you. A 17 page PDF, this is a quick read that could change the course of your business forever (that’s what our fan emails tell us, anyway).

Exclusive Invitation to in-person One Story workshop with Stella and friends


Online workshops are great, but there are certain conversations that can ONLY happen when we are together, in the room, in person. Open to Stella Orange clients and Write Club community members, you’ll meet quality referral partners, allies and high-action, low-drama people who like collaborating and making interesting projects happen. We’ll also go deeper on the hero’s journey work of mythologist Joseph Campbell. This workshop will take the top off your head, and change the way you promote your work forever.  Scheduled for October 20-22, 2017 in Buffalo, New York. This workshop is invite-only and not open to the public. (To be clear, you’ll be invited; please note your ticket is not included in Craft Your Message Playbook).

60 Day Pass to Shut Up And Write

Feeling like you’re doing this marketing thing all alone? Come write with us with this 60 Day Pass to group Shut Up And Write sessions. We typically meet the first 3 Mondays of the month at 3pm Eastern for a quick Pep Talk, followed by 90 minutes of shut up and write your marketing fun! (Regularly $290. Sorry; if you’re on the other side of the world or can’t make this time, this bonus is not transferable.)

Nail your moneymaking message now!

Enroll in Craft Your Message Playbook today, and you’ll get the trainings, the Message Playbook PDF, the worksheets, the MP3 recordings, a 60 day FREE Pass to Shut Up And Write, and so much more!

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Please note: my consulting clients pay thousands of dollars for me to create their Message Playbook for them… but in this course, I’ll show you exactly how to do it for yourself – at a fraction of the expense! Best of all, you’ll know how to update your Message Playbook anytime your business pivots or changes… so that your message always is clear, consistent and connects you with the best opportunities, prospects and clients!

The Stella Orange No B.S. Money-Back Guarantee


I want you to be MORE than satisfied with your decision to purchase Craft Your Message Playbook. If for any reason you regret your decision or change your mind within 60 days, let me know and I’ll refund your payment in full. So buy with confidence – and trust that you are getting a first class experience at a great price.

Buy with confidence – I stand behind my work 100%!

Working with Stella Orange has changed the trajectory of my business.

Before working with her, I thought I had to listen to everyone else and follow his or her marketing formulas (which didn’t bring clients). After working with Stella, I know deep down that I have everything inside of me that I need to reach my clients (and have been). No more listening to others! It’s like the anti-diet for marketing — and since “the other way of doing things” is so pervasive, I stick around Stella Orange land to keep me focused.

-Rena Reiser | Intuitive Eating Coach - Towards a Healthy Balance |

Worth every freakin’ penny

To say that Stella is good at what she does is to do her a disservice. She’s more than “good.” She’s laser sharp, clear, smart, articulate and she takes no prisoners with her feedback. That means she tells it to you straight, with humor and experience behind her, in a way you can understand and do something with. AND her best-working practices are funny, fantastically effective and easy-easy to implement. Worth every freakin’ penny.

-Leah Herman

Stella helped me to nail down my ideal client and showed me how showing my personality would actually help me attract her.

One of my biggest challenges in my messaging has been answering the question of whether I could really be myself. Working with Stella Orange helped me learn that the question was a resounding YES! Stella helped me to nail down my ideal client and showed me how showing my personality would actually help me attract her. I now receive regular phone calls for speaking opportunities from ladies who say, “Dr. Nadia, I too am a pop of pink in a sea of navy blue and I’d love for you to come speak to my group.” Thank you Stella for helping me to find my voice. I now get to do what I love and work with amazing clients in the process.

-Dr. Nadia Brown | Doyenne Leadership |

I closed over 6 figures in that business year. I could not have done it without a clear message.

I was in the midst of a target market shift and needed clarity so I could talk to people about my new offer. Stella helped me pull out and identify all of the high value points to share. I went home and closed over 6 figures in business that year. I could not have done it without a clear message that resonated with my target market and more importantly resonated with me. Thank you Stella!

-Sarah Dew | Happy Entreprenuer |

Stella is my business secret weapon.

Not only do I use her notes EVERY SINGLE TIME I write a sales page (for over half a decade now), she has a knack for asking exactly the right question to help me get my message dialed in. Without her I’d be drowning in a sea of self-doubt and watered down copy that somehow misses the point. With her, my message is sparklingly clear throughout everything I write. I’m pretty sure Stella is made of magic. Thanks to her, my copy sure is.

-Marcia Baczynski | Asking for What you Want |