Copywriting Lesson #1

Let’s cut to the chase–

Most marketing is crap. It’s fake. It’s manipulative. It’s what I call ‘fast food’ — because, like fast food food, fast food marketing promises what’s cheap, fast and easy.

Like fast food food, fast food marketing has been designed to be way it is… because it works.

At the most basic level, fast food marketing works like this:

Step 1. Create anxiety

Step 2. Introduce the magic solution

And, yeah, this works. It works on people who are already feeling fear, inadequacy or insecurity.  Which is pretty much all of us, at one time or another. So when a marketer comes along, pokes at these totally normal, totally human feelings and then promises to make it better if we buy something…

BAM. It works.

Now, there are a couple problems with the fast food approach. For people like you and me, it doesn’t feel good in our bodies, for starters.

It also tends to resonate people with a certain attitude (it may be a scarcity mentality or the belief that someone else is to blame for their results), pump more feelings of fear, co-dependency and mistrust into the world, and perpetuate scarcity.

And also? The fast food approach doesn’t work on people who aren’t swimming in feelings of fear, inadequacy or insecurity. People whose needs are satisfied. Because when our needs are satisfied, we don’t resonate with stories of fear, inadequacy or scarcity.

We resonate with stories of adventure, desire, excellence, simplicity, hope…

Which means that the sorts of people who make great clients CAN’T STAND fast food marketing messages and tactics!

It repels them like garlic repels vampires.

I’m grinning as I write this. Are you grinning, too?

Because this whole situation is a golden opening for self-employed professionals, healers, teachers, and coaches who are all about helping other people make their lives better.

Mostly because it means we don’t have to follow fast food copywriting rules to attract great clients. Actually? It means we can’t!

We can’t use the fast food approach to marketing and expect it to resonate with gourmet clients.

So that’s what we’re about here at Stella Orange: offering tools, training and community for people who share the same mission: To write and communicate in a way that resonates with gourmet clients — and have more fun doing it.

We’re in a bit of a transition at the moment (I’m moving from Cincinnati, Ohio to Buffalo, New York), so I invite you to sign up for the Tuesday Letter if you want to stay in touch or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter (just scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the link under Social Stella).

Keep up the good work,