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Why Touching Your Customer’s Pain Is A Terrible Idea (And Where to Connect with them Instead)

Most experts will tell you to ‘touch the pain’ of your core customer in your marketing. But my take is that pain is a terrible place to connect with clients. Instead, I teach my students to look for the challenge, desire, or ripeness in their customers’ lives. If you are a parenting coach who speaks to parents’ pain, you might write something like this: Are you struggling to get your teen to listen to you? The trouble here is that …

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Where do we go from here?

First off, big thanks to the surly crew that showed up for the conversation about the new way of marketing and building your business yesterday. Y’all are the wind beneath my wings! (Missed this? We’ll send out a recording soon – to get on that delivery list, sign up here.) ​ Second, many of us around these parts are seeing that the marketplace is changing. We’ve been talking about this for awhile here, but I need to put on my …

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Mozart, compost and Writing Your Way Home

What a long, strange trip it’s been. Just when you think you are getting the hang of the dance, the music changes. And there you are on the dance floor, shaking your chewy salsa hips, your feet moving as if possessed by some demon, sweat dripping down your flesh like the holiest of holies… to Mozart. You’ve given up trying to match the elevator muzak of mainstream culture long ago. And you’ve grown attuned to listening for the music that …

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The forest and the flashlight

Have you noticed that the way you used to do something isn’t working like it used to? Maybe it’s the way you reach out for new clients. Maybe it’s the words and language you use to connect with people who want what you do. Or maybe your sales have taken a dip. Good news! You … Read More >

The tyranny of ‘common things’

In my time off last month, I got the chance for a good think. And one of the things I thought about is how I don’t really trust or feel comfortable around the mainstream. As in, mainstream society. Mainstream art. Mainstream symbols of success. Case in point: when a book sells really well, I assume … Read More >

3 Magical Tools to Create Great Clients

For coaches, healers and consultants, the best way to create great clients continues to be through word-of-mouth, relationships, and referrals. But there are three situations when this time-tested approach to growing a business doesn’t supply you with as many great clients as you’d like. In these moments, it pays to stop and reevaluate your marketing … Read More >

Conversation and Collaboration in the #NewMarketing

Have you ever followed someone’s step-by-step marketing formula, only to have it NOT WORK? Or maybe it works, but it causes a sort of psychic drag within you? This is a classic case of trying to squeeze oneself into an old marketing paradigm. Listen, no judgment here.  I’ve done this too. I’ve been trained in all the tricks in the book – from coaching women how to talk to their husbands to get money, to telling folks it’s a once …

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Ripeness vs. urgency in the #NewMarketing

As we progress on the path towards creating clients without poking at people’s fear of missing out, shame, guilt or ‘not enoughness’… Questions arise. Like this one: If using ‘pain point marketing’ rubs you the wrong way, here’s how to think of it instead: In the old marketing, urgency is used as a psychological trigger to motivate people to act. On its own, that isn’t predatory or problematic. We DO need to understand why our core customers choose a particular …

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Masters need a different conversation

Last week, we talked about whether you work with beginners or masters. (If you missed it, you can read that here.) If you’ve been in business awhile, you’ve noticed that as you hone your skills and craft, the people who show up in your world tend to shift as well. The trouble is, there is … Read More >